I know this is random…but it really made me happy to find out tonight that Google has finally released their independent Google Maps app for iPhones. It was the sole reason why I refused to update my damn phone to iOS 6…I just didn’t want to lose Google Maps and be forced to use the universally hated Apple Maps. I know I would have been fine…but I actually use Google Maps all the time, and often to find the public transportation route to stores and restaurants and my pals’ addresses. Yes, I take the subway…even the bus.
So all this time, I’ve refused to update my phone. I suffered through not having improved battery life, and missing out on Passbook (whatever that is), and not being able to make Siri-restaurant reservations (by the way, I’ve never had a successful Siri experience yet. So fxck Siri). Hmm, am I really missing anything by not updating to iOS 6?

Well, either way….thank you and you’re welcome! Google Maps is back.
Google Maps App (Free on iTunes) via GoogleBlog