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It’s giveaway time, ladies and gentlemen. Today Missinfo.TV is giving away a pair of tickets to see a SummerStage concert with ScHoolboy Q, Domo Genesis, Tinashe and BlackOutBoyz (A$AP Yams and A$AP J Scott) on June 25th in Central Park. To win: reply in the comments section with your favorite song off Oxymoron and your favorite part/quotes from Buzzfeed’s profile on Miss Info. Good Luck, and don’t forget to leave your email so we can notify the winner. Special thanks to BuiltbyMeanRed and Summerstage.

Check out all the details and ticket purchase options below…

Bill: ScHoolBoy Q, Tinashe, Domo Genesis, BlackOutBoyz (A$AP Yams, A$AP J Scott)
Date: Wednesday, June 25th 2014
Time:  Doors at 6pm
Venue: Central Park Summerstage// Rumsey Playfield
Age: All Ages
Price: $35 -$40

44 Responses to “Giveaway: Win Tickets to See ScHoolboy Q in Central Park”

  1. vimon redhead Says:

    break the bank and collard greens

  2. Yannick Forbes Says:

    His and her fiend

  3. kenneth Edwards Says:

    “I walked 8 miles in the snow and killed my own prey,just to find this one Ron G mixtape”! Favorite song is What They WAnt Featuring 2Chainz

  4. PJ Says:

    Favorite Song: “Los Awesome”

    Favorite part of Buzzfeed Profile: Finding out Miss Info was the one that gave Nas 5 mics!

  5. Andrew Says:

    I pretty much liked all the songs, but Hoover Street and Blind tHreats were standouts for me. Story-telling and messages throughout. What tHey Want was also a personal favorite just cause it was a BANGER.

    This was my personal favorite excerpt from the Miss Info profile: The new opportunities can feel daunting. “It’s all about fighting that voice inside who says, ‘What the fuck do you have to talk about? No one wants to hear you.’ You’ve got to itemize the reasons why your inner Debbie Downer is full of shit, and know when you should ignore them, and when they might have a valid point.”

  6. Moose Says:

    Fav Song off Oxymoron: “Break the Bank”

    fav quote from buzzfeed: “Instead of staying up all night working on the sociology paper that I was supposed to be working on, I’d rather go downtown to the The Source and sit up all night listening to mix tapes and writing about why Outkast is so important.”

    Prissy Inffy always held the standards for journalism in hip-hop to higher standards and her efforts are well respected

  7. Danielle Anora Says:

    My favorite song from ScHoolboy Q’s new album Oxymoron is between ‘His & Her Fiend’ ft the amazing Sza & ‘Studio’ ft BJ the Chicago Kid. I loved how well constructed this album is though. I can see the growth from ‘Habits & Contradictions’.

    I enjoyed reading about how Miss Info started from the bottom on Buzzfeed. Her story is truly inspiring to me as a writer..especially in this NY scene today. I could empathize with her being supported by a lot more men than women in this industry. Miss Info’s review of Nas’ Illmatic in the Source really made me giggle because it was so straight forward & just…real. It showed how passionately she felt about hip hop in only a few words.
    I would love to meet Miss Info. Truly inspired by her story.
    -Danielle Anora

  8. aiden Says:


  9. Jean-Paul Mosquera Says:

    Favorite Oxymoron lyrics:
    1. Collard Greens – “Baller futuristic, groovy gangsta with an attitude
    What these niggas make a year, I spend that on my daughter shoes
    Smoking weed and drinking, all the college students loving Q
    We gon’ turn it out until the neighbors wanna party too”
    2. Hoover Street – “Find a nigga realer than me, my socks stink / Eat so much pussy that my mustache pink”
    3. Prescription/Oxymoron – “How could they say feeling good is an addiction? / But the world is full of shit so I don’t listen / In fact ‘we livin’ to die’ is a contradiction”

    Favorite Part of the Buzzfeed profile:
    The 90s pics, Miss Info being singled out but still pushing hard, and Cipha Sounds calling her out during the premiere of This is Hot 97
    Favorite Quote from the Buzzfeed profile:
    [Sway on Miss Info] “…Minya, that’s a funny-ass person. She’s very sarcastic, and she’s like an egghead. She would come with her notes and we would show her how to make news sound proper for radio.”

    “She’s helped reshape the content and tone of hip-hop journalism, with her own brand of meticulously researched celebrity gossip, emotionally revealing artist interviews, and explorations into tech and style.”

  10. Patrick McCann Says:

    Favorite track off Oxy: Break the Bank

    Ms Info is funny. Especially when she calls Rosenberg and Cyph the rap teletubbies 😂😂😂

  11. Aaliyah Says:

    Favorite song off Oxymoron, Break the Bank and Hoover Street. Favorite part of Buzzfeed’s profile on Miss Info is when it mentions her calling Rosenburg and Cipha Sounds the “rap Teletubbies.”

  12. william santiago Says:

    Favortie song: Man of the year

    Favorite quotes: Home of the paid on the first
    Then nigga going broke by the third, bounce for the crown
    Fast forward getting real tell me now
    Every dog need a cat to meow, every once in a while.

  13. Beck Says:

    Favorite song off Oxymoron – “Collard Greens”

    Favorite quote – “If you can’t at least appreciate the value of Nas’ poetical realism, then you best get yourself up out of hip-hop.”

  14. Matt Santos Says:

    Studio and favorite part of the article was the stories from when you at the source

  15. betrott Says:

    ‘blind threats’ is dope with raekwon
    of course Minya writing the ‘Illmatic 5 mic’ review is very rare

  16. mashout3 Says:

    Studio def my fave shit. Just the chorus alone makes a skripper twerk.

  17. Terrance Adams Says:

    Fav Song: Blind Threats
    Fav Quote from article: “People are becoming more open-minded about people who look different than them, act different, like different things,”
    Best part of the article has to be those 90s pics

  18. Justin Morales Says:

    Her review closes with this line: “If you can’t at least appreciate the value of Nas’ poetical realism, then you best get yourself up out of hip-hop.”

    Favorite Song: What They Want feat 2 Chainz

  19. Azuka Says:

    Favorite Song- “Gangsta”

    Favorite Part(s) from buzzfeed- Miss Info’s pics from the 90’s and 2000’s. Amazing

  20. kc Says:

    Song : Prescription/Oxymoron
    Favorite Part : In January 2005, a parody of “We Are the World” aired on the morning show. Called “The Tsunami Song,” it mocked victims of December 2004’s massive Indian Ocean tsunami with lyrics like: “So now you’re screwed / It’s the tsunami / You’d better run, or kiss your ass away / Go find your mommy, I just saw her float by / A tree went right through her head / And now your children will be sold into child slavery.” Oh, then a morning show host, publicly denounced the song. After doing so, she fought on air with co-host Miss Jones, who admonished Oh for not being a team player. “You feel superior, probably because you’re Asian,” she said. “Why do you always have to make it known that you’re separate? … But I forget, you’re a journalist, right?”

  21. Todd Read Says:

    Yay yay

    Quote about cypher and Rosenberg being teletubbies.

    For the win!!!!

  22. Philip Says:

    My favorite song is What They Want.

    My favorite part is the rap teletubbies reference in the article

  23. Sarah Says:

    Favorite song off Oxymoron – “Prescription/Oxymoron”

    Favorite quote – “Our hip-hop coverage was fucking groundbreaking”

  24. Ezekiel Says:

    Favorite song is Break the bank

    And really the entire song is my favorite part haha!

  25. Arielle Says:

    All the songs on Oxymoron were great! Favorite song is Man of the Year

    Favorite quote- “I see girls everywhere. Titties, ass, hands in the air”

  26. Arielle Says:

    Favorite song- Hell of a Night

    Quote: “ain’t no telling how my night will end. Night life In the bright lights.”

  27. Arielle Says:

    Gangsta is such a catchy song & I don’t know how to act when I comes on lol

    Fav Quote: “real niggas don’t die homeboy, we multiply.”

  28. alba Says:

    My favorite quote in my favorite section of Miss Info is the part where she finishes talking about all of the hardwork she had to put in, the best quote reflecting that is the following:
    “You have to show that you’re not just in it for the glamour, or ’cause you wanna party, or ’cause you love black guys.”
    I love the quote because it’s true, which anything really, that once you find something you love doing you should do it because it’s your passion and it makes you smile wildly, not for all the benefits or bells and whistles that come along with it.
    My favorite song on Oxymoron is either “the Purge” featuring my love Tyler, but “Man of the Year” is always gonna be the turnup!

  29. Bunny Says:

    My Favorite Song(s) by SchoolBoy Q on Oxymoron are Hands YayYay/Studio/Break The Bank

    My favorite quote from the article in Miss Info is, “She is a scalpel, not a bulldozer..” Which is an absolutely universal way of being for everyone. Never one for drama but NEVER one to back down either. This woman has blazed a hell of a trail from ’94 till today. Scalpel for sure, she’s a hip-hop surgeon. Precise.

  30. Arielle Says:

    Man of the year is my favorite on the Oxymoron album. It’s so catchy & just as soon as it comes on with that Titties, ass, hands in the air chorus, you want to go crazy.

    My favorite quote from Buzzfeed article was: “If you can’t at least appreciate the value of Nas’ poetical realism, then you best get yourself up out of hip-hop.”

    Nas is on of the most influential, realest rap artist out. & if you can’t appreciate or see his work, you shouldn’t even bother with rap till you’ve bothered with him. He’s an amazing rapper & always will be.

  31. Ashley Raymond Says:

    My favorite tracks from Oxymoron are Hell Of A Night, His and Her Fiend & Studio

    My favorite quote: “Instead of staying up all night working on the sociology paper that I was supposed to be working on, I’d rather go downtown to the The Source and sit up all night listening to mixtapes and writing about why Outkast is so important.” I loved this because I’m a college student doing the same thing, trying to open the ears of people who haven’t given hip hop a chance & remind others why they love hip hop in the first place.

  32. David Says:

    Favorite song on Oxymoron: “Fuck LA”

    Favorite part from the Miss Info article: “Miss Info gets in a good line, calling on-air partners Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds the ‘rap Teletubbies.'”

  33. Nakea Says:

    Favorite Song Off Oxymoron – Studio and Man of the Year

    Favorite Part/Quote: Her review closes with this line: “If you can’t at least appreciate the value of Nas’ poetical realism, then you best get yourself up out of hip-hop.” This year, celebrating the album’s 20th anniversary, she suggested that statement wasn’t an attempt to neatly define hip-hop’s borders, but rather, a cry for hip-hop to acknowledge its own diversity — and her.

  34. Shane Says:

    favorite song off of Oxymoron was probably Prescription because of how descriptive parts of it were & how unique the whole song was showing Qs versatility.

    Favorite part of the Miss Info article was probably when you called Rosenberg & Cipha sounds rap teletubbies

  35. Nick Says:

    Favorite Song: Grooveline Pt 2

    Favorite Quote: “You can have emotions, yes. But you can’t be sensitive. People talk loud here. People are aggressive here. We all want to get shit done.”

  36. Carlos Salcedo Says:

    Hoover Street is my shit! Favorite part of the article is when she spoke about creating All Eyes On and My Block on MTV. A head of her time back then.

  37. Tom Says:

    Break the bank.

    “Even as a kid, Oh preferred to become consumed with something rather than casually enjoy it. ” – Always respected the work ethic ad passion.

  38. ThaDON Says:

    the purge and the part when she said instead of being up wrting a paper she would be downtown at the source writing a article of why outkast is so important

  39. Wilfredo Says:


  40. Brittney Says:

    Studio, Man of the Year and Collard Greens are my favs on Oxymoron.

    Fave part about the Miss Info story is that she moved to Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Gotta love Brooklyn. Hope to catch her in the neighborhood.

  41. Sherelle Singh Says:

    Schoolboy q -BLESSED stay keeping it real with his words Miss Info favorite part was when she blasted cipha sounds lol !!!

  42. Grace Says:

    man of the year

    “rap Teletubbies.”

  43. JAZMIN Says:


  44. Jason salazar Says:

    My favorite part of the article was finding out her name is minya oh and when she called her coworkers teletubies. I’ve been a schoolboy q fan from the beginning but my fav song from oxymoron is gangsta when he say I got my drink in my cup my backwoods no swisher and bitch I’m faded. Fuckin faded. If I win it would mean so much to me

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