Now this is amazing…well maybe it’d be less so if you weren’t an avid fan of The Wire, one of the most underappreciated unrewarded shows ever (along with Arrested Development, and maybe The Corner, and Deadwood….and Cheaters ; ). But as a fan, this totally makes me want to rewatch the series. Thanks to Illionaire/UHTN for sending over the link.

Note: I wish I had a combination Snoop x Buboy in my life.

Bonus: I noticed that the same youtube-er created a montages of great movie lines that weren’t included in the official AFI compilations….also endlessly entertaining. I might have picks different quotes, but still good stuff…after the jump…

“This is beautiful…what is it, velvet?!”

Here is a link to the American Film Institue’s official site for their 100 Greatest Film Quotes, Thrills, Songs, etc.