Don’t tell me what I can’t do!

Ok…finally we know what that song was that Puppet Dr. Chang kept cutting into his LOST Untangled episodes. Its a rap song that details the entire storyline of one of the best characters on the show, John Locke (later Fake-Locke, aka F-Locke, aka The Smoke Monster). Since this week was a rerun, the Untangled team (big up them, by the way) still put in work, recapping all the key Locke moments, like “Father and Son on anesthetic drugs, opened my ears, to my surprise, Dad was gone with my insides…” Awesome. (thanks to DoubleDeux for the link!)

But the brutal truth is….the end is nigh. There’s only 4 eps left. Is that enough time for the show to wrap things up? *breaks into cold sweat*

This Tuesday’s show better be productive. But in the meantime, if you missed this massive LOST-special that Wired Magazine did….its a must-read. Also, Slashfilm highlighted an artist named Gideon Slife who created a poster for each of the 78 LOST episodes so far. That’s dedication….I love the simplicity of the graphics. Reminds me that I really need a good MissInfo.TV logo, and I want something simple and direct.

some of my favorite Slife posters, after the jump…

Gideon Slife’s LOST poster series on Flickr