Yo, I love this….that after all the bitching and moaning that Noel Gallagher from Oasis did about how hip hop has no place at the huge UK music festival…Jay-Z didnt just tighten up on some, cough-up-a-lung-Marcy-son machismo…..he rose to the occasion with the best 1-2 punch of all….humility….followed by devilish humor.

The humility was in the interview segments that Hov did before the show. Talking about how he understood the resistance but that this was a big moment for hip hop’s progression. Word and word.

The “pisser” was this…

For those who never listen to any Oasis, Jay is singing*** their hit “Wonderwall,” which Hov opens with the awesomely appropriate line “I dont believe that anybody feels that way I do about you now.” Zing!

(***um, I’m using that term loosely, lol, he sounds like me singing Tevin Campbell at a norebang (korean karaoke) after a couple forced shots of Crown (yuck).

And prior to the Glastonbury show there were some laughs at at another interview show…after the jump

I’m trying to understand why the talk show circuit here in the US is so amazingly boring compared to the shows like Jonathan Ross and The Sunday Night Project.