omg. can’t breathe….laughing too hard….the diabolical gall ofย  Peter Rubin, JlaPuma and the rest of those Complex Blog boys (Hi Noah). Seriously, if it weren’t for all those photos of hipster-porn girls with what looks like crisco smeared all over their eye makeup and nubile pre-anorexia post-nervosa bodies….that blog would be my perfect site. (guys…in 09: more food porn and Edward Cullen, that’s a tip)

Ok, but I digress….its been awhile since the last genius moment. (and I’m not going to be pretend like being included in here didnt help. I’m only human) But….this is the best thing I’ve read all year ; )

Complex presents: What really (didnt*) happen the day before Christmas Eve at the Louis Vuitton Flagship Store on 5th Avenue, via of course, the new myspace, the future friendster…twitter.

Picture 2

More of the “conversation” plus my absolute favorite part of the whole thing…..

Picture 4

You’ve got to go to Complex Blog’s post to read the rest of the hilarity….but I have to add one more bit.

Picture 5

dead. totally completely dead.

** and by “didnt” I mean to say that it is actually almost close….oh man.