They just don’t make rap A&Rs like they used to. The times have changed so much since the 90s rap era… technology is updated, and the streets of NYC are “safer” than ever. Everyone won’t agree with this, but in a sense the Internet has almost become the new “streets” and bloggers are the new “A&Rs.” With that said, let me get across that I will always have mad respect for guys like Matty C & Schott Free who were running around New Yawk in the 90s trying to break acts like Mobb Deep, Hov, Wu-Tang and so many more. In the last part of our old friends Gasface’s “Think B.I.G.” video series, the former A&Rs open up about their experiences in the game.

The final episode of Think B.I.G. is dedicated to the ear of NY 90’s Rap Matty C & Schott Free, former Loud A&R’s, talk the creative process on Mobb Deep 1st classic, meeting Wu-Tang in Shaolin… and how they tried to sign the Jiggaman at the dollar menu table!

Watch Matty & Schott Free’s episode and more after the jump…

Think B.I.G # 5 by Gasface

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