technically, the original 911 is a Joke was a criticism of EMS response to inner city emergencies, right? Here its more representative of law enforcement….
For the record, I do not condone any cop-killing sentiments. I think there are problems in the law enforcement system, and problems within the judicial system that’s supposed to deal with these cases. I think there are definitely bad cops. But there are also good ones who respect their oath to the communities they’re supposed to protect and serve. And I think that blanket statements are counter-productive. But then again, this song is in the spirit of NWA and Ice-T who used extremes statements to communicate extreme emotions. So I can respect that.

The Game, “911 Is a Joke (Cop Killa)”

[audio:911 is a joke (Cop Killa).mp3]

UPDATE: props to Uptown’s Baddest and ClipsandKisses for sending over this photos from Game’s “911 is a Joke” videoshoot. Dang, that was fast.