Over the weekend, The Game sat down with Miss Info during our time in the BET Awards Radio Room for a very eye-opening interview. After admitting that he couldn’t control himself during his video shoot with Nicki Minaj, Game went on to talk about his scathing track “Bigger Than Me.” The rapper says he recorded it last August and wasn’t even referring to any XXL Freshmen in particular, and that the song was just a result of him being angry in the studio one night. Crazy.

Moving along, Game also talks about how Ed Sheeran is one of his biggest fans, confirms that he is single now and weighs in on the G-Unit reunion.

“I think as separate entities we would be okay if I never reunited with G-Unit,” Game says. “If it happens, I think it would be dope, but I’m straight. I’m good.”

Watch the video below…

(special thanks to Maritza for the edit)

New Video: The Game “Bigger Than Me”