I search through my On-Demand listings and all my Netflix recommendations…and the rivers are running kind of dry these days. There’s no new Scandal eps, no Nashvilles, no Curbs, Breaking Bads, or and no, The Blacklist ain’t it. At least I have Good Wife to look forward to, and Justified is back. And…now the anticipation is building for the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones!

The bad news is…that horrid lil’ sh-t King Joffery is still not dead. But meanwhile, almost every other Stark in the Seven Kingdoms is. Ugh.

The good news is…judging from this first trailer for the new season of Thrones, there will be more Red Priestess, more Khaleesi spilling blood and taking names, more icky incest, more wildings, and many confusing plotlines.

Bring it. April 6th, 2014.

Watch the sneak peek of Game of Thrones: Season Four,
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