50 Cent’s first female rapper has just released her debut mixtape. Her 11-track project features multiple guest appearances from 50 and production from T-Minus, Rahki, Rockwilder, Havoc and more. Precious Paris is her government name, btw. Check back in a few, I have something special from her coming up.

(UPDATED): In a Vibe Magazine exclusive, Precious Paris reveals how she was able to link up with 50 cent and discusses how signing with G-Unit was a long term process.

VIBE: Let’s start at the very beginning. Where did you meet Fif, how did y’all link up?
Precious Paris: Well I was working with producers Midi Maffia and Dangerous LLC who happened to be producing for him at the time. They did ‘Amusement Park’ and ’21 Questions.” They got into 50 my demo and he called me to the office like a week later. So he was my first meeting. I was sitting in his office, scared to death ! That was my first meeting. “

You can read the full interview, download and stream the tape after the jump…

So initially Did Fif want to sign you on the spot?
He did not sign me right away, however I did not let that get me down, I stayed in the studio even the times when I didn’t hear from him anymore. Something in the back of my head always told me that I would eventually be going to be G-Unit’s first lady. I prayed on it and then one day out the blue he gave me a call.”

So what was it like he finally called you and said ‘I’m ready to make this official.’
Well after I got up off my knees from praying and thanking who I know is really responsible for that, I just went right to work. I didn’t even think twice about it or get too hype about it and I’m still not hype to this day…”

Read the full interview at VIBE.com.

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