g herbo ls

G Herbo may epitomize Chicago’s South Side streets, but his honest and hard hitting rhymes are intended to steer the city’s youth away from the block, not to it. Just take “L’s,” one of the many highlights of Herb’s Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe mixtape, which hears him recount his days “letting ratchets off” as a shorty before urging the kids to “love and live your life/make it lavish long.” Like 3 Stacks before him, Herb tells it like it is, then he tells it how it could be.

The track’s accompanying video, directed by Nathan R. Smith and Sebastian Sdaigui, brings that powerful message to the small screen. Like peering into an alternate universe, the black-and-white clip finds Herb getting shot at while cruising the streets, only to discover the masked gunman is, in fact, himself. Or what he could have been had rapping not found him.

Watch below…


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