g herbo documentary

G Herbo’s Humble Beast was one of the best albums of 2017, but if it taught us anything, it’s that his journey thus far has been anything but easy. In this new documentary called City of Sorrow, Mass Appeal takes us into the heart of the city that made Herb — from the dangerous East Side neighborhood (known as “Terror Town”) where he grew up to the high school that he dropped out of.

Determined to uplift both himself and his hometown, though, the documentary follows Herb as he returns to his old school to spread positivity and guidance that many kids in Chicago are desperately lacking. “No matter what y’all do in life, the main three things to do is: have faith in yourself, stay focused, and keep working hard,” he tells the students. “Everything in life is hard. There will be ups and downs. You’re gonna lose, you’re gonna fail. But you only fail if you give up.”

Watch below…

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