Future has held off from doing interviews during his recent hot streak of projects this year. The ATLien sat down with Marc Lamont Hill on HuffPost Live on Monday afternoon, discussing a wide range of topics. During the 30-minute sitdown, Future speaks on the decision to drop Monster, Beast Mode, 56 Nights and now Dirty Sprite 2 on short notice, looking up to artists like Jay Z and André 3000, and rumors of him being a deadbeat father.

The Freebandz artist also opened up on his previous relationship with Ciara, stating the reason for their breakup was the two growing a part and not due to him cheating. The “Commas” rapper closed the live chat, taking time responding to OG Maco’s recent comments, where the “U Guessed It” star called Future out for his drug-filled lyrics destroying lives “by making it cool to be a drug addict.”

Watch the interview and read some quotes below.

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Future on OG Maco’s comments:
“He need to rap about whatever he rap about. Church Bible verses, whatever, and then he won’t have an opinion on hip-hop.

The young people inspire me, somethings that I say and somethings that I do just because it’s a generation of change. I don’t feel like I’m destroying no lives. Everyone have their own choice about how they want to live.

OG Maco, he goin’ have to respond. He goin’ have to see me about this. When I see him, he going have to tell me to my face,” said Future sternly. “All that Twitter stuff, I’m not with that. I’m one hundred percent, a thousand percent. So if he can say it on Twitter, when I see him, I’mma see him and if he don’t say nothing I’m not going even respect him but if he say that in my face, he ain’t going get the response I’m saying right now. I promise you.”

Future on Ciara and Russell Wilson practicing abstinence: (via HHNM)

MLH: “He said God told him to lead this woman and that that’s what they doing”
Future: “Ay, God didn’t tell me. He didn’t tell me that”
MLH: “What’d God tell you?”
Future: “God told me something else”

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