Future really put on at Spin’s 2014 SXSW party earlier today. Draped in a shirt that read “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and Air Force 1 Mids, the Atlanta sing-rapper blessed the audience with some new material. To our surprise, Future debuted the intro to his upcoming Honest album. After that, he took a minute to explain how he was moved by “Drunk In Love” and whipped up a love song of his own. Unfortuntaly, he says it didn’t make the album an he doesn’t plan on performing the song again (we’ll see about that). We’ve got previews of both records, but look out for some HQ video by Spin very soon.

UPDATE: HD Video added

Watch the video below…

The second songs starts at the 1:51 mark.

Future ‘Honest’ (Tracklisting)