You can’t dispute Future’s work ethic. The Freebandz head honcho is ending the year off strong, so much so that his planned double-disc Super Future/Fire Marshall Future mixtape will be delayed. In an interview with HipHopDX, the ATLien reveals the free project is on hold as he’s planning to re-release his debut album with new songs. Titled Pluto 3-D, the re-packaged album should arrive around Thanksgiving and is lead by the “Neva End” remix featuring Kelly Rowland. Future also took the time to talk a little about his upcoming work with Diplo and Kanye West, and his Future Hendrix sophomore album coming in 2013.

The Diplo [track] might be coming out next year on Future Hendrix. The same with Kanye [West’s track]. It’s something I’m gonna work on for Future Hendrix or either work on his album or any project that he’s working on, so you never know where it’ll take you. You just gotta make sure you make hit records and be prepared for wherever they go to. You just want to be prepared for success.

It’s always innovative working with anybody who passionate about what they do. Those guys are very passionate and always looking for new ways to create and be original and just perfect the craft and all the way around just bringing a hit record to the table for the Hip Hop community. What you gotta when it’s like that is make sure you go in and you be prepared to work hard.

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HipHopDX: I had just heard that you’re getting ready to push a new single from Pluto. What were you planning on going with?

Future: We’re gonna do “Neva End,” the record with Kelly Rowland. We’re gonna repackage Pluto, put a couple new songs on it and name it Pluto 3-D. We plan on releasing it Thanksgiving week.

DX: What’s the status with Super Future and Fire Marshall Future then? Are they getting pushed back, because I know you guys were aiming for that to originally drop some time in October.

Future: Yup.

DX: Any idea on a pushed release or does it depend on what happens with Pluto 3-D?

Future: It all depends on what happens with Pluto 3-D.

DX: I know after Super Future and Fire Marshall Future, you’re planning on releasing Future Hendrix, your follow-up to Pluto. What’s the latest on that project? Is there anything you’re stylistically tying into Jimi Hendrix or did he just served as an inspiration for the album?

Future: It was a little of both. With Jimi Hendrix, he was a dude that was just different with what he did, and with the music that I make, I feel like I’m different [as well]. It was just another way of saying I’m different, just adding the Hendrix.

DX: Where is that album going compared to where Pluto took listeners? Is it taking that sound further? Is it a drastic departure.

Future: I call it “astronaut music” because it’s timeless music. I feel like I’m very melodic. It’s passionate. It’s music on Pluto, whereas Future Hendrix is more soulful music, music from the soul.

DX: Speaking on the melody part of it, for those who have heard and really consumed Pluto, they know the music is very melodically rich, and you had mentioned before that your cousin Rico Wade had really instilled that in you. Do the tracks really start with the melody for you when you’re in the studio?

Future: I just go in the booth and do whatever I feel, however it start out. There’s no particular way to go and make a record. Go and do what you feel.

DX: So it’s just a matter of staying open and listening to what comes out in that moment, of not being afraid to let it come out?

Future: Yeah. Exactly.

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