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Angie and Kanye Part 1: Wow….this interview is already off to a great start! It’s dope to hear Kanye with his hindsight 20/20 vision talk about how he was not in the right state of mind throughout his Glow in the Dark tour, and how now he realizes that he has to deal with his mother’s death. Then he and Angie debuted a new song that he just finished last night, featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson “See Me Now”

Part 2 of Angie and Kanye: Talking about his upcoming album and the producers that contributed, and who does he think might be the Greatest Rappers Of All Time #1 and #2 (!?!)….

Part 3 of Angie and Kanye: Kanye discusses his relationship with Amber Rose, how she helped him, how he made her a star, and their breakup…. (UPDATE: whole interview on one mp3)

….all after the jump Angie x Kanye Part 2: The album is dropping Nov. 16th. Kanye says: “I think the scariest artist in the game right now, is definitely Nicki Minaj. and I think she has the potential to be the number 2 rapper of all time. Number 1 is Eminem.” Wow. He then goes on to talk about the nature of genius. And whether he thinks of himself as one. Ye also talks about the artists who make him grind harder: Weezy and Drake.

Kanye x Angie Part 3: Kanye talks about his breakup with Amber Rose and then about how she also helped him by checking him when he was out of control. Then they talk about how Kanye made Amber into a star. He says that dynamic was a “one off” and that he hopes to find a woman that he can settle down with. He talks about the making of “See Me Now” with Charlie Wilson, Consequence, and Beyonce.

Download Link: Full Kanye x Angie Interview, 35 minutes (Thanks to Dre/Nahright)

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