Last September, I downloaded this pop song on the recommendation of Immaculate Infatuation or Broke Mogul I can’t remember, but it’s been on my “On-the-Go 4” ipod playlist ever since. (That’s my standard gym/laundry/dogwalking playlist of reasonably melodic, sing-a-long-able, molly-ringwald-danceable, elliptical-friendly pop/rock/dance/rap jams.) I know nothing about Fueled By Ramen**, or how they came to enlist Janelle Monae for this somewhat negligible cameo, but I assumed ramen was a college reference not an Asian one. (**oops, the group is named Fun, the label is called Fueled by Ramen. Thank you reader Brandon)
Since then, “We Are Young” has been covered on Glee, the group has toured with Janelle, and the group name is now Fun. (I’m kind of confused about the name thing). And today Bill Werde from Billboard gave a heads up that there’s finally a video….Pretty standard kids breaking things in slow motion, but if you haven’t heard this song yet, it’s cute….and yes, “fun.”