(French Montana backstage with Kanye West)

Back in Nov. of 2011, French Montana was being courted by Rick Ross, Def Jam, Diddy, and Kanye West….And at one point, French was confident enough that he would be the next member of GOOD Music, that he even hinted it to Angie Martinez. A a month later, French was up on 106 n Park with Diddy plotting the future of Bad Boy….so what happened? Like a line out of Cool Hand Luke…a failure to communicate, lol….
French explained the problem to Angie Martinez in this hilarious snippet:

Angie: “You and Kanye, I thought this was happening…”
French: “Yeah, we all big fans of Kanye, Jay-Z and everything. My thing was, I met up with him one time, and then I met up with him again. But it’s like…Kanye doesn’t have a phone. Let’s just put it out there like that. So, in order to get in contact with him, you have to email him. I mean you can’t tell me to do that. I don’t know how to use an email. So I guess me and him was never gonna talk? And I’m putting my career in your hands?…You know what I’m saying. But he’s definitely talented, I feel like if I had went there we would definitely have made history….”

Haha! One man refusing to be tethered to a phone. The other man refusing to adopt  “email.” I actually think it would make for an amazing social experiment. If you think about it, being disconnected is the most extravagant luxury of all. (ps: I think French is exaggerating about his lack of email skills. I mean I hope. Let us pray ; )

Listen to the rest of French’s interview with Angie Martinez after the jump.
They talk about his new found celebrity, what he thinks about Drake vs. Common, and what it was like to meet Rihanna…..

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Part 3: French Montana on Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Show (1-24-11)
– French reacts to being hot in the streets, Drake vs. Common beef, and what it was like meeting Rihanna for the first time at LIV in Miami.

Props to Angie Martinez/Hot97

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