well well well…

I just got this new Freeway song, “It’s Over.” From his album, Free At Last, which is dropping November 20th. And I really like it. Has that urgent uptempo beat that I think Free’s flow needs.

But I also noticed an interesting part of verse two…around 2:50 in….

We different people and when egos collide, the pride coincide and it brings on d’ evils…The fact is you too busy I’m too gutter, I was fuckin with him when nuhs was like who is he?…but like the scriptures say, quickly they forget…



Wow, these Philly cats are calling out Mr. West….First there was Beanie’s fashion-police tear-down***, and now this Freeway reveal…but then I just heard that Kanye brought out Freeway and Beanie during his set at last weekend’s Powerhouse show. Hmmm. I might have to ask Free about this one…..What do you think?

(***and I don’t buy the “it’s all good, we’re totally cool” song and dance that Beans performed after the fact. I’ll believe it when I hear Kanye say, “I’m no longer mad at the guy I once produced telling me to come out the closet.”)