(Gibbs recent “BFK video caught a lot of attention)

After a little over a year on Young Jeezy’s CTE records, Freddie Gibbs has officially parted ways with the company. Earlier this morning, Gangsta Gibbs confirmed his departure in a new interview. Even though both Jeezy and Gibbs have been talking about working on collaborative project together, things remained quiet in recent weeks. A few joints from the two rappers did surface, but Gangsta Gibbs has been quiet about his affiliation with the label as of late. Gangsta Gibbs maintains that they split on good terms and there’s no bad blood between the two. The rapper, who is known to never hold his tongue, didn’t have a single bad thing to say about the Snowman. Ultimately, he just stated it that they move in different ways and it was best to part.

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How bad was Gary growing up?
We don’t have things like a movie theater or a mall, nothing of that nature. Walmart won’t even come in that motherfucker. You gotta travel outside of Gary to get simple, everyday retail. That’s not even within the city, so to speak. There’s some but it’s not, you know, always readily available.

How do you think the city can recover from that?
Really, it just starts with implanting business and taking up a lot of that property and using it. You gotta beautify, you gotta make it look good so people will want to live there and work there. But for people to live there you need to create jobs, people need to work to sustain life, you know? There’s not a lot of that.

What’s the highest you’ve ever gotten just smoking weed?
Smoking weed laced with Oxycotin. I used to be addicted to Oxycotin in like, 2006, 2007. I was taking a lot of that shit, taking Vicodin, Oxycotin, opiates, you know? All that shit. I was selling them and just popping them. I was eating them like candy and shit. It just got fucked up real quick. I had to just quit. I quit cold turkey.

Did that suck?
Cold turkey? It sucked. I just moved to another state, away from the place I was getting all those pills. It was fucked up for a minute. That’s a real strong addiction to have. I started looking at myself like a drug addict and was like, I’m no drug addict, I can’t do this shit. I need to get off this shit, I need to get new shit. When I started sprinkling that shit on my weed—that’s when I knew. I was like, man, what the fuck? My homeboy would come over to smoke and I’d have blunt rolled up for myself. He’d be like, “what are you doing” and I’d be like, “you can’t hit this shit.” Awkward feelings like that made me stop that shit, I just had to let that shit go and move forward, I ain’t no drug addict. But you know, everybody have to go through something and that’s something I had to learn for myself, I grew from that shit.

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