The Legendary Battle For The Soul of Parking Space #9 Continues!
(ok, to be fair, I don’t actually know which space was in question, but I’m pretty sure it had some sweet front door access.)

Late last night, our worlds were rocked by the outbreak of violence between two sweet R&B crooners, Chris Brown, of the Greenish-Yellow Locks Vs. Frank Ocean, of The Exotic Headband. The two bumped heads (and a finger) after an argument in the parking lot of the Westlake recording studio. There were reports that Frank was upset over Chris parking in his space, and that Chris was blocked from driving off, and that Chris attempted a handshake, but then the scuffle popped off between the stars and their crews…and then doves cried.


Now, the New York Post is reporting that the L.A. County Sheriff has bad news for the currently-on-parole Chris Brown…
Frank Ocean doesn’t care about your silly “code of the streets”…He wants JUSTICE!
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According to the Post:

R&B singer Frank Ocean intends to press charges against bully boy Chris Brown for punching him and starting an all-out brawl outside Westlake Studios in West Hollywood on Sunday night.

Police want to talk to Brown, who is still on probation for beating up Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Ocean, who publically came out in July as a bisexual, is “desirous of prosecution,” L.A. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Whitmore told The Post. “We’ll find out what happened.”

The fight over a parking space reportedly involved six men. Ocean tweeted: “got jumped by chris and a couple guys. Lol. I only wish everest was there.” Everest is his dog.

Wow. “Desirous of prosecution”? This sheriff’s spokesman just turned a simple press statement into a sensual Hustler Magazine reader’s letter. So L.A.

At least that hogwash about this being a “hate crime” got kiboshed. That would have been absurd. Correction…more absurd. This whole thing is already all the way Absurdistan.

In reaction to the story, I asked my buddy Phil to create a parody-homage for my instagram.


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