People are still talking about Frank Ocean’s SNL performance, including his buddy John Mayer helping out. Frank sounded great and didn’t miss a note, but in case you missed the premiere of his “Pyramids” video, we got you covered. From shooting out a bar while intoxicated, the singer goes on a journey through the desert on a motorcycle before ending up the Pyramids (a strip club). With an appearance from John Mayer, Ocean delivers 8-minutes of an eye-catching visual.

MissInfo: Another mesmerizing video from Frank Ocean…and more visual goodness from video director Nabil. The man who helped shaped Lana Del Rey’s visual image and directed Drake and Rihanna’s “Take Care” is one of my favorite current directors, alongside M.I.A’s man Romain Gavras.
In this clip, I get shades of movies like Closer, Pulp Fiction, 25th Hour, and even a few Japanese horror films.
There’s absinthe, demonic strippers, and a bad bad head trip. And that scene at the end even reminds me of that Kanye “Flashing Lights” video (starring Rita G.). Remember that one?
Hallucination seems to be a reoccurring theme for Frank…and just like his stellar “Novacane” video, it’s beautiful and grotesque all at once.
How do you think this ranks next to Frank Ocean’s previous clips?

Watch Frank’s NSFW visual treat after the jump…

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