North says: Francis Farewell producer and frontman of the group Francis & The Lights sits with MTV News and speaks on producing “Karaoke” off Drake’s “Thank Me Later” LP. The song which was submitted to Drake while on tour ended up being a personal cut from the producer who felt ultimately that was the song that would fit the Canadian MC’s album.

“My immediate reaction was to go into the studio with [my producer], who I work with on most of my things, and we tried to make beats,” he told MTV News. “And we sent one and heard nothing; we sent another and heard nothing. And I sort of realized: It has to be deeper than that. [For] Drake and his people, it has to be good above all, before it’s any genre or anything. So I had a song that I had been working on for a while that I knew was good. I knew it was something special. And I made the decision to give it to him and let it go in that way. So I tracked [‘Karaoke’] in one night in the middle of [recording] my record. I sent it to them, and I heard back in, like, three minutes,” he laughed.

“He made it better, unquestionably, from what I had,” the singer said. “And that’s a good feeling. He made it very personal, but making some very subtle changes and doing his thing on it, obviously, with the verses. He actually made it make sense in a way that didn’t make sense to me before.”

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After the jump Drake speaks on his upcoming mixtape, the success of his album and more….

Drake sat down with Reka J of the Indianapolis Music Channel while he was out there for a show and speaks about the success of his “Thank Me Later” album, Nicki Minaj, the much talked about OVO Festival and his upcoming R&B Mixtape. (Props to Lowkey/UHTN)


Meanwhile the single Drake is featured on with Lil’ Wayne “Right Above It” is available on iTunes here that’s off the “I Am Not Human” EP that drops on September 27th. (Props to ATF)