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Flatbush Zombies and Trash Talk’s “97.92” has stayed in rotation over here. Now the two crews follow-up on their ill collaboration with a trippy video that literally turns the world on its head. Shot using a H3Pro7, a device which allows 7 GoPro cameras to shoot at once and then syncs the footage to give a full 360-degree view, this takes those old fish-eye skateboarding videos to a whole new level. Then again, if you’re not smoking yourself into head-spinning oblivion to this joint, you’re doing it wrong.

“97.92” is off Converse’s CONS EP Vol. 1, which you can stream here.

Watch after the jump…

I’ll let the pros do the talking:

The video for “97.92,” the result of collaboration between Aplusfilmz and Pier Pictures, was created using a 360-degree HD camera rig with a remote-controlled drone octo-copter. The device is the H3Pro7, invented by Michael Kintner, which shoots with 7 GoPro cameras all rolling simultaneously. The 7 shots are synced and stitched together to create the full-360 spherical view, which can then be manipulated with the effects and camera movements you see here.

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