dollar bill
(pic spotted at NY Mag)

Or…we can just keep debating about rap.

So I’m reading that the House of Reps voted no to that $700 billy bailout plan. And now markets both here (Dow Jones) and around the world are reacting by dropping down and getting their toasted eagles on.

me? I’m just confused and concerned because on the one hand, I was kind of wondering if this $700b plan was gonna thoroughly punish the losers for losing, or make us regular folks pay for their recklessness. I was also wondering if the critics were right about the plan being too rushed, and giving too much power to this guy Henry Paulson. (I mean, didnt he demand that there would be no questioning no monitoring no peeking from anyone else on what he was doing?) But then if both McCain and Obama agreed the plan needed to be passed, and lots of folks said that not passing it could trigger a way bigger collapse….then maybe it was a necessary evil? (Here’s an awesomely pessimistic clip on

Most of all, I’m just stressed because I dont know enough to form an opinion and I can’t ask my smart friends, because we all read more rap blogs than finance blogs and its too late to catch up now! (sigh)

Hopefully Jon Stewart will help me, but that’s not for another 7 hours. And judging from the looks of the news now….we’re already screwed.
At least his pre-bailout bust report was hilarious…