So tonite Executive Nick and International P invited me to my old Monday nite hangout….38th st in a random studio space…for the latest Fight Klub emcee battle. Only now that formerly grimy jam-packed steamy volatile room is now a fancy, fully renovated color-coded jam-packed steamy volatile room. A much bigger room at that. With fancy vip lounges on the side, lol. Anyways, the battles were being taped for the next season of the MTV2 Fight Klub series, and Nick and P tipped me off beforehand that the main event would be the return of the 100k man, Jin vs a relative newcomer Iron Solomon. I wasnt on judging duty, which was a relief because I do consider Jin a friend so I didnt want to be biased (although, I really dont think I would be, seeing as how I wasnt biased in the jin vs serius battle). So the judges were Bang Out (producer), Sean Price (mc), and I put in a phone call to get Joell Ortiz to judge too. (Thanks Karen and Dennis)

Anyways, the first 3 battles of the night were entertaining, but I guess it was a little disappointing to see some emcees relying on their pre-written verses, without ever venturing off into real freestyling, encorporating their surroundings, their opponents verse, etc….All the things that the last two emcees were clearly capable of, which put them on a different level….
Jin has won every mc battle there is to win, he’s earned more money battling than any other mc, and despite being beaten by Serius Jones…Jin has cemented his legacy at Fight Klub. On the other hand, Iron Solomon is a relative newcomer from the upper east side of manhattan, who I saw annihilate his opponent at last year’s Funk Flex car show Fight Klub.
I’m going to be breaking down the whole battle on air (hot97) tomorrow, so I dont want to give away everything. But here were two great verses from both artists….

I’ll have more audio later, but overall it was a solid battle. And I think the best performance won. Iron Solomon is definitely a new talent, thoroughly enjoyable to watch, and I’m lookin forward to what the kid has in store….But DJ Sickamore, who was also there, made a point that kinda illuminated my only reservation about the whole battle…He said “Jin lost, Solomon didnt win. In boxing, when some fighters lose for the 1st time, they get defensive and never win again. Thats what happened to Jin.” Makes alot of sense, although I never say never : )

 UPDATE: Here is the rest of the battle. Hope you enjoy! I spoke to Iron after the battle and told him one thing I really appreciated about his verses is that he never had to stoop to or rely on any crutches or gimmicks to win (unlike some emcees). He didnt need to use racial slurs, or excessive misogyny, or fake gangsterism….when I used a clip of him on air, I didnt even need to bleep any curses. Intl. P tells me that he has a group he’s down with as well as solo plans, and obviously, there are some major labels who are very interested. I’ll keep you posted on what I hear!

Ok, onto the battle!
Round One:
-Iron Solomon:
[audio:solomon rd1.mp3]

[audio:jin rd1.mp3]

Round Two:
[audio:solomon rd2.mp3]

[audio:jin rd2.mp3]

Round Three:
[audio:solomon rd3.mp3]

[audio:jin rd3.mp3]

And after 3 rounds, the judges ruled Iron Solomon the winner….

two of the judges: Joell Ortiz and Sean Price
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Jin’s side of the table
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Iron Solomon’s side
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