Christina Milian and The Dream “featured” their Roman 2nd wedding (#1 was in Vegas, #3 will be in LA after the baby weight is off) in Us Magazine, and I couldnt help but notice that….Dream is wearing jodphers and riding boots. And a riding jacket….with tails. Jodphurs. Tails. Riding habit.


Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen. Period piece. 19th century. England.

After I recovered, I thought back on some of the awesome fashion moments that this couple have given us this year….after the jump

sometimes she is the one who hurts us, while he is pleasantly matchy matchy

she is the one who hurts us here, while he is pleasantly matchy matchy

no comment

his belt swagger is insane. her pants cause seizure.

nothing to complain about here, they both look great. Easy on the lipchap though, cowboy.

this sheer tunic/bra combo is unfair to an unborn child. seriously. but with feathers.

this sheer 'fit was a lowpoint. And unfair to their unborn child. Rawr, shoulder feathers!