despite what the rumor say to the contrary….

eyewitnesses at the 107.9 Atlanta radio station bash say that he talked about his new label Cashville Records, which he recently found a home for (with help from Sha Money XL, 50’s original right hand man, who is no longer with G-unit….hmmm, interesting [edit comment: see reader comments for correction]) but he never dissed 50 and G-unit.

Game performed earlier at the same event…but he and Buck were kept far apart from what insiders say…in fact, some say that Game was kinda cut short during his performance…like, cut off, lol…

Meanwhile, here are some pics etc from the concert over at LT Dinwiddie’s Sohh blog: Hot107.9 bash (lol@ at the photo of Usher presenting a $3,000 check to the Left Eye Foundation)