Eddie stares down the double sausage snack–one of many street foods found in Taiwan’s “Shilin Night Market.”

Eddie Huang, munchie king and owner of New York’s delectable Baohaus, takes us to his homeland of Taiwan as part of his ongoing VICE video series, “Fresh Off the Boat.” In the first mini vlog from the far east, Eddie travels to Taipei, but bypasses the industrialized food joints and, instead, takes the backroads to the city’s seedy underbelly. Eddie soon uncovers Taiwan’s quirky sense of humor, as he gets hopped up on Betel nut, tries a “sausage”-shaped dessert, and goes to a shrimping club. The next two parts of his “Fresh Off the Boat: Taiwan” series will debut in the next two weeks.

Mikey: Props to Eddie on his new web series. Since he opened his first Baohuas in the LES, the homie always shows love to the MissInfo.TV when we stopin for pork belly sammiches. He’s opinionated as a mug, and has a sick knowledge of 90s rap. Yes, he’s one of us.

Watch Eddie Huang in the first part of his VICE docu-series, “Fresh Off the Boat: Taiwan,” after the jump…

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