Yesterday, the news of Gucci Mane’s benevolent response to “24-23” definitely travelled fast (thanks to many of my fellow bloggers). But while many fans were as surprised as I was to hear Gucci say “I kinda liked it… I must be doing something right… I’m not gonna respond….,” Young Jeezy had a much different reaction.

Jeezy called me Wednesday night, upset about Gucci’s high road response,  insisting that his record “24-23” was instigated by what he says was a history of attacks from Gucci Mane (MTV’s related story lists examples from Gucci’s “Writing on the Wall” mixtape).

And during the half hour discussion, Jeezy also shared for the first time in 4 years  his side of the original Young Jeezy/Gucci Mane dispute, what he says happened during the making of their song “So Icy,” and what happened when both he and Gucci were at Atlanta’s Velvet Room nightclub on Monday night.

(also included on this embeddable player is Gucci’s interview and the song that set things in motion, Jeezy’s “24-23.” To download the interview audio, click HERE)

UPDATE: Cocaine Blunts did an extremely thorough compilation of diss records between Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane. This definitely helps to put things in perspective. (**I notice that they diss me in the post and accuse me of “fanning the flames” of an already-dead (?) beef. That’s disheartening. Seeing as how throughout this interview I broken-record myself with talks of cease-fires. Ah well, love that site anyways.)

(Unrelated/Related: Late last night, there was a fight at DJ Trauma’s party at Atlanta’s Luckies Lounge, allegedly between DJ Drama’s crew and Jeezy’s CTE crew. Gyant Unplugged has more details)

UPDATE 2: Jeezy called RapRadar today to deny reports that he was stabbed at the Luckie’s Lounge altercation.

UPDATE 3: DJ Trauma spoke to XXLMag about the fight, and also about the strict security precautions in place for this weekend’s Jeezy/Gucci concert. I’m glad to see they take this stuff serious. And seeing as how the same rivals were booked last year with no incident, I hope the same holds true this year. (thanks to Jessie Gissen for the link)