“Popular Demand” (POPEYE’S) Teaser from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Whoo hoo! I know this isn’t “Swagga Like Us” or “Forever” but honestly, for many fans (myself included), the combination of The Thornton Bros, Killa Cam, and Skateboard P is the real dream team…..
Now I can’t scoop my big big homie, who will be dropping this song later today (!!)…but I’m happy to set the table with this “Popular Demand (Popeye’s)” teaser clip that Team Clipse prepped especially for MissInfo.TV. Much love guys! (but I wish you could hear a smidge of a verse! Crazy. Dang u, Steve!)

Now if you saw the previous post, The Clipse ripped Hiro Ballroom last nite, and will be goin’ in again for Spin’s CMJ showcase tonite….They’re really grinding for that Til the Casket Drops release on Dec 8.
One other thing…..I heard Pusha, Malice and Killa will be together today (with a film crew), you know, just hangin out, loving life ; )

UPDATE: The Clipse talk with MTV News about the making of Popeyes etc…

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