Mikey Fresh: I feel confident when I say Pharrell is officially back to crushing records. This week alone, we’ve heard him give Usher a much need musical facelift on his upcoming album, Looking 4 Myself, and we can’t forget about the first leak from Pink Slime, P’s newly announced EP with Mac Miller. Honestly, “Onaroll” is like listening to a college marching band on mollies.

Earlier this week, we caught up with Skateboard P at a private viewing for the upcoming Fall/Holiday line of BBC and his new BEE line. In a short but sweet conversation we discussed his upcoming project with Mac, newly produced records and of course the latest with his clothing endeavors.

Mikey: The first leak off Pink Slime caught a lot of people off guard.
Pharrell: It’s crazy and I know Mac is going to do great things. I’m happy for him. I was just looking at his movement and what he’s doing online. I feel like I haven’t linked with enough independent kids that are doing it for themselves.

What really drew you to Mac in the first place?
I watched what he did on his own and thought that as interesting. I just felt like I had to do something with him. Pink Slim is his project, and I’m producing it but none of the records go on unless we’re both feeling it. Mac’s like a concert, festival centric kid. And we got them records, man.

Continue reading about the Pink Slime EP, P’s thoughts on Nas, and upcoming records Pharrell produced for… after the jump…

(He’s still rocking these boots! LOL: Pharrell’s Tagged Up Timbs

Even from just hearing the first joint, “Onaroll.” I don’t want to say it’s nostalgic Neptunes but it gives you that feeling.
It’s that hype sh*t. I missed music so much. I was away for so long on the road. But I’m back in the studio now.

Listen: “Onaroll”

How did you feel about Mac dropping the record straight through Twitter?
They’re crazy with that. And wait until you see the artwork. Me and Mac did like 10 records.

Sh*t, well Nas only had 9 records on Illmatic
Nas is a god.

Have you had a chance is get in with Nas for his new album, Life is Good.
No, not yet. He might have finished it already but I would love to. I think Nas is the illest.

Can you fill us in on any other big record that you’ve produced recently?
New Frank Ocean, a bunch of sh*t. New Usher. “Twisted” is a beast. I did some for A$AP, too. But I did a bunch of shit, Adam lambert, Jason Derulo.

What about your artist, Buddy? We loved his first video.
We’re in the middle of Buddy’s project right now. His album is so raw. He’s really one of the ONES. We got one that’s called “Inspire.” It’s like straight Cali Kush, West Cost music. The beat sounds like what Cali Kush smells like.

Buddy’s “Awesome Awesome” Video, Feat. Pharrell

V Exclusive! Pharrell Talks New Bee Clothing Line, Upcoming Billionaire Girls Club

VIBE: I know we only have a few minutes but I noticed the BEE line is very outerwear focused.
Pharrell: Outerwear but mixed with traditional styles. Old Englishman, dandy man.

What’s going on with the Billionaire Girls Club line?
It’s coming soon. Yoon from Ambush is the designer. Her and I have been working together on it for a while, now. You guys are going to love it. The BGC shit is incredible. It’s completely for HER. It’s like my girlfriend’s clothes. My girlfriend doesn’t dress like me, but what does she wear? A skater’s girlfriend doesn’t necessarily dress just like him but when you look at her you can tell she’s with hi

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