Here are some behind the scenes photos taken from the set of Notorious. On this shooting day, my Hot97 compadre DJ Enuff helped recreate the moment back in 1995 when he, Biggie, and Puff performed at the Georgia Dome. According to E, around that time, Pac was staging a full-on verbal assault on his former friend and the entire Bad Boy movement on radio and in print. Biggie had reached his breaking point, and on that night, against Puffy’s wishes, he performed “Who Shot Ya” for the first time ever. I heard that Enuff got some interview footage while he was on set, so I’m gonna hunt him down for that, lol….but for now, here’s some pics from a secret squirrel : )

IMG_0222 Here’s Gravy as Big, Enuff, and Derek Luke as Puff Daddy.

IMG_0218 Clockwise from top center: Derek Luke (Puff), Money L from Junior Mafia playing himself, Marc John Jeffries as Lil Cease [note: remember that kid from those computer commercials? or was it car insurance?], Nino from Junior Mafia [note: from what I hear, only Money L and Nino agreed to play themselves out of JM], and the Heavyhitter Enuff

IMG_0228 More of the same cast, but also including choreographer Tanisha Scott and D-Dot Angeletti of the original Hitmen. [sidenote: Naturi Naughton, who plays Lil Kim was also on set. Lil Kim allegedly wanted Christina Millian [sign of body dysmorphic disorder] to play her, but I hear Naturi is doing a good job.]

IMG_0231DJ Enuff with Lil Cease [note: Cease was on set helping to coach Marc John Jeffries. I’m glad to see that despite the recent ugliness between members of Junior Mafia, Biggie’s family has still called in the real players to help with the biopic.]