What a pleasant surprise!

Cam’ron is out in Chicago but he hit me tonite with this new song that him and Mase recently recorded, called “Get It,” featuring Mase’s new artist Da Kid Rossy [correction: B.Rossi].

(Download link: Cam’ron and Ma$e “Get It” featuring B.Rossi)

Despite the public perception that Ma$e and Cam are sworn enemies….these two childhood friends actually mended fences a while ago. They went from basketball teammates… to Harlem besties… to letting the industry divide them…to that infamous spat between Ma$e and Jimmy on Cam’s behalf (I was sitting there next to Ma$e that crazy morning)…to squashing their beef….to playing ball last summer….to reuniting for this 2009 duet.

time heals : )

camron un mase

(vintage flick of Cam’ron, Mase, and Big Un….lol, I’m thinking this was before Un pulled a toolie out that night at Justin’s : )