As Malice tries to do nothing more than help lead a generation lost, it seems like everybody is thirsting for the Clipse to be split into two. But “don’t they know brotherly love is sacred?”  (via PlayCloths)

I done partied with the stars/mingled with the kings/ All that you saw wasn’t everything that it seemed/ in my one hand everything I could of dreamed/ At the crossroads they were battling for Gene/Money and the fame boosted my self esteem/While the lord telling me ‘you already is a king!’/Pillagin’ through women ‘you already got a Queen!’/Pusha taking off its hard to tell em what I seen/I dare not intervene, lil bro is a problem /Just remember we Batman we ain’t nobody’s Robin/All I do is applaud him all I have for him is love/I’ll be the mascot if Push ever came to shove/I heard that they in there saying I wonder why he went before the judge/Cuz everyday I prayed you was covered in the blood/So all I ask bro is that you acknowledge his name/We in the same group I got to share your pain – Malice

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Directed by Gene Thornton And Shomi Patwary