The homie DJ Scoob Doo hit me up tonite with his exclusive audio of his phone call with Lil Wayne, live from Rikers Island. This is the first time we’ve actually heard Weezy’s voice, so this is like “proof of life” for his fans. And he sounded very upbeat, even about his recent contraband infraction (Rikers guards found a charger and earbuds in Wayne’s cell, and then the iPod to go with them in a nearby cell). It’s unclear if the run-in will affect his sentence, but according to insiders, his team is hoping for an October release. In the meantime, he is able to make calls, receive weekly visits from Baby and Slim, his babymoms, and other wellwishers like Diddy and Drake.

Lil Wayne and DJ Scoob Doo:
“I’m coolin’…I’ll be home soon. If you worryin’, don’t worry too much but if you ain’t worried than something’s wrong…It’s Nino Brown, I got the penthouse here at Rikers, man. I got my feet up…my team is still holding it down, they keepin the flood goin’, I already know….ain’t too much, I got in a lil’ trouble and what not, you feel me, I can’t live without the music, that’s all it is, I can’t live without the music. But I’ll be home, I’ll be home. (Scoob: They jammed you up for the ipod?) Yeah, man. (Scoob: Contraband…) yeah, they tried to bang me with that. But I can’t live without my music, Scoob. You know how it is, man. I needed my music.  It’s all good, I had to take my lil’ slip up. I ain’t trippin’, players f–k up. [laughs]. [phone beeps] But that sound means I don’t have much time. Scoob, its all love. Nino Brown 3 I’ll never stop…Tunechi Leonches will never stop.”

Much love to DJ Scoob Doo! Make sure you pre-order the Weezy documentary, The Nino Brown Story Part 3, at now. The DVD of candid footage will be shipping in June.

Bonus: After the jump, Diddy confirms to MTV that he did go visit Wayne at Rikers and tells why…