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so we already had the head’s up about the most sensationalized quote in this new freestyle from Cam’ron and Jim Jones….earlier today, two twidvids from last night’s studio session appeared.

But we still don’t really have a firm grasp on the why. In a recent Ustream, Cam’s manager Big Joe talks about possibly working with Kanye and Pharrell, and Cam didn’t seem adverse to it. Also, sources say that Kanye West has been open to working with Cam again as well, and that intermediaries have been discussing collabos too. Hopefully this doesn’t derail that. Or create any awkwardness between Ye’s artists and Dipset affiliates. The tree of music has yet to bear all it’s fruit! Lol! Jim’s intro hints that they’re just ruffling feathers. Please hug it out *nh*.

Exclusive: Jim Jones and Cam’ron feat. Sen City  “Toast” (Kanye West “Runaway” beat) (Dirty)

Cam: “…Dipset yeah you know who’s scorching this/ all of these kids should open a damn orphanage…Kanye, you a sucka n—a/dissed Dame so my attitude is fuck the n—a/ sucked [off] Jigga/ How you gonna live with that?/ Took your beat, now come get it back…”

Watch the Ustream video of Cam and Big Joe…
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Exclusive: Jim Jones and Cam’ron “Toast” (Kanye West “Runaway” beat) (Dirty)

Cam and Big Joe at the house, ustreaming. Nation/Nahright broke down the play by play.

Video: Jim Jones and Cam’ron recording a Kanye West “Runaway” diss freestyle?