Journalists have been hounding J. Cole for some facetime ever since the “Control” hoopla took over the Internet. He has remained silent on the issue and seems to have little interest on the topic. Instead on a cool Wednesday morning in Manhattan, Jermaine is seated next to me as he takes his turn trying to beat the next level in UBISOFT’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. And, he’s getting shot to death every time I look up at the TV.

Cole has a full day of promo ahead in support of his track, “Miss America,” being included on the game’s soundtrack. Admittedly, the NYC transplant isn’t your die hard gamer, but jumped at the opportunity. He even admits that he just picked up a new Xbox just so he can play the game.

After I turn my recorder on, we talked about everything from his upcoming VMA nomination for “Power Trip,” upcoming tour with Wale, and his next singles. When I asked about his “Crooked Smile” video, Cole reveals that he needs to re-shoot the entire thing. The new version does feature Chilli and has a story concept. Fans can expect it to be released in a few weeks. Also, Cole plans to release the first version at some point.

“We have to re-shoot it,” J Cole tells Missinfo.TV. “It came out nice but it just didn’t come out exactly how I wanted. It’s such an important song so I want the visual to match. If this was my first video than I would have panicked. We had to re-shoot “Work Out,” too.”

Read why J. Cole thinks Macklemore has helped the success of the single after the jump…

[“Crooked Smile”] deserves to be the number one record in the country. I think Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” gave me hope for a song like this. I think he kinda… as weird as it is, and it’s always happens like this, the White boys got to open the door for Black people at White radio. It happened with Elvis, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and now hopefully Macklemore with a song like “Thrift Shop” can allow “Crooked Smile” to get its proper shine at Pop Radio, Cole tells “Honestly, you can’t name me many songs better than… I don’t mean to sound crazy, but better than “Power Trip” as singles. They should have gave it a chance at Pop radio. All these Pop PDs weren’t giving rap a chance at all.”

Cole says “Thrift Shop” was relate-able enough for fans all over the world to connect with. “It’s takes something like “Thrift Shop” to open the door. We Needed Macklemore.” he tells Ultimately, the Roc Nation rappers says Rap isn’t as strong on the Pop charts compared to the early 2000s, when hits like rap “In Da Club” were getting steady rotation on Pop radio. 

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