Ghostface “Stapleton Sex” video trailer from Miss Info on Vimeo.

I don’t usually post trailer for videos….but Ghost is the exception to every rule….especially since him and his manager Mike sent this over on Labor Day…all I can say is….yikes. (Is this woman famous?)

Apparently, there’s more deviant behavior poppin off in Staten Island than I (or the rest of the flesh-industry) knew…..HBO Real Sex take note, lol.

NOTE: Ghost hit me to say that he still hopes that Natalie Portman takes a few moments out of her bbq today….to check out his dirty ditty. LOL

(Here’s what he said before…) ā€œI read an interview where Natalie Portman said she likes dirty rap, obscene lyrics and all that. I figure she can dance to this one. Iā€™m looking for you Natalie!ā€

Today’s message for Princess Padme:

“Ms. Portman (you sexy lady)…maybe this video is more up your alley. And I say your alley with the utmost respect. Have you ever seen the stairwells at Stapleton? I’ll take you.”

UPDATE: RR has a new Ghost song “Cruising.” UHTN has the download