(photo of Cam, far left, and Vado, far right, on set at Vado’s “Large on the Streets” video shoot, photos by Natty Photo, thanks to Aubrey Aquino…see more photos after the jump)

Cam said he was entertaining some new ladyfriends tonite, but still took time to send over some new music; ) Now, you can keep up with his antics via his twitter, @Mr_Camron. I get a kick out of the fact that in like a week, Cam went from zero to 100 on twitter; retweeting people, heckling old friends…tonite he even said “My n—a (Frank Lucas voice).” ?!?!? Who are you, and where is my tech-challenged friend Cam?! LOL….anyways, here’s some weekend goodies.

Exclusive: Cam’ron and Vado “Speakin Tungs” (unmixed) (download link)

Oo wee. dead @ Cam’s DMX impression at the 2:03 mark! Killa says this isn’t mixed yet, but you get the idea. Even in its rough version, Funkmaster Flex ran this back multiple times tonite. Its produced by some of Vado’s Harlem crew, but I sense a lil’ Bangledesh exoticism on this beat, lol.

Exclusive: Cam’ron and Vado, featuring Fabolous “I Don’t Believe Niccas” (dirty) (download link)

Now this song will be included on Cam’s upcoming U.N. x DJ Drama “Boss of all Bosses 2.5” mixtape, which drops soon….and I guess that’s why it cuts off at the end. Vado visited DJ Self tonite to play this on satellite radio, but above is the dirty version, CDQ.

more photos from Vado’s “Large on the Streets” video shoot, after the jump…

(thanks again to Aubrey for sending over these photos…Vado “Large on the Streets” video shoot, directed by Factory Media 15 Films, photos by Natty Photo, obviously, lol)