Cam’ron and Vado FTW! The U.N. album Gunz N Butta comes out in April (fingers cross), and the homies DJ Camilo and DJ Enuff blasted off this new song, “Hey Muma.”

Exclusive: Cam’ron and Vado “Hey Muma” (produced by Skitzo) (off Gunz n Butta, pre-order for April 2, 2011)

UPDATE (3/2): Cam’ron & Vado – “Hey Muma” (Dirty Version)

hahaha @ “U.N. members don’t wear sandals with jeans…” Not sure how I’d feel about a guy catcalling me on the street, “Hey Moo-ma.” It makes me think of the sound that a cow makes, and also those loose-fitting muumuu housedresses that ladies wear when they just stop caring. But apparently “Muma” is a new term of endearment, not a misspelling of Mumia, or a remix of the Korean word for mom “Um-ma”. Either way, I still like this catchy uptempo song!

Mr. North reminded me that during Grammy week, both me and Vado found Jesus. Well….LA-Jesus, who goes around taking pictures with and of random people. And he has twitter, of course. Vado and the homie Nigel found him outside. I found him at Pinche Taco, 3 in the morning, after the Cash Money party.

Picture 4Picture 5

On the opposite side of salvation….Cam’s birthday was on Feb.4th, but he had an out-of-control belated celebration up at Sofa Lounge in the Bronx with a bevy of strippers in various nicki-minaj-blended-wigs ; ) Not Safe For Work Or The Weak, lol!
Watch after the jump….

so weird that I wasn’t invited to this party….*scratches head*