Mikey: Ah man, Info just sent these flicks from the Converse Band of Ballers B-ball tournament down in ATL…

Miss Info: So, all week I’ve been campaigning behind the scenes to get Cam to come down to atlanta for the Band of Ballers game and show the world that him and Jimmy are making progress : )

And thanks to the folks at Converse, Cornerstone and the big homie at Anomaly, Stan Lumax, it happened!

Play by Play:

1.So Cam came in as the celeb coach for Jimmy, Shamgod, AButta and the Jones Family….The first game for them was a close call versus Shawty Lo’s team (apparently they had their own ringers too)

2. Cam isn’t suiting up (yet) because everyone is calling these games “football” not “basketball” due to lax officiating

3. Jimmy just said: “That white boy is nasty, we need to snatch him up for our team…he shoot too good, I know he must have played for real….” Lol, Jimmy is talking about Donnis’ manager Dan Solomito.(Who actually played Division 1 college ball from what ppl say here)

4. Cam is suited up! Jones team back up vs. So So Def.

(more pics after the jump)

(great photo by Julia Beverly/Ozone, nice to catch up with her there)


(Jay Electronica, Stadium Dan, and Donnis)

(Photo via Joe La Puma)


(via Joe La Puma)


Cam & Jimmy on the Band of Ballers Court via Angela Yee