(Kanye, Rick James and Bump J in the studio)

Chicago has always been a hotbed of hip-hop talent, but the city has had its fair share of ups and downs when it comes to rappers. Artists like Common, Crucial Conflict and Do or Die helped set it off in the mid 90s but it wasn’t until Kanye and Lupe that the Windy City really hit new heights in hip-hop’s mainstream.

Amidst the the conscious raps of Lupe and flashy style of Kanye came a street certified rapper named Bump J. With the respect of Chicago’s grittiest neighborhoods and gangs, the slick-tongue wordsmith was on on his way to the top as he ripped beats provided by Kanye and caught the attention of major labels like Atlantic records.

Bump combined subject matter that connected with hoods from around the world with enough clever rhymes to grab the radio. However, one bad decision in 2007 caused him to commit an armed bank robbery that would land him a 10-year prison bid in the feds. He has been locked down since 2009, but Bump says he should be free by February 2015 or earlier.

“We can’t really get any music in here, but I heard that Chief Keef “I Don’t Like (Remix).” I was feeling that,” Bump says of his limited access to new music. However, Kanye West has been holding him down since the beginning. “Kanye helped pay for my lawyer, and he’s a great friend. I got nothing but for respect for ‘Ye. He’ll have first choice when I come home. Right now, I looking to get out in February or sooner.”

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