Some fans — not least the man himself — may have been disappointed to hear about 2 Chainz being left off Eminem’s Revival album cut “Chloraseptic.” But sigh no more as Em has releasded the official remix, which features a new verse not only from Tity Boi, but Phresher and Marshall Mathers himself.

In a blistering, two-minute-long verse, Em claps back at critics of his new album while showing off more lyrical acrobatics. “You just called my shit trash, thank God I rap better when the odds are stacked / ‘Revival’s wack, I don’t like that zombie track and when he’s talking that garbage psychotic crap / Where’s your content at? What’s with all the conscious rap? Pink, Beyonce this and Kehlani that’ / I just add it to the fuel of my rocket pack ’til I’m ready to respond and then I’ma launch it at ’em / Idiotic from the fucking embryonic sack to the body bag / I’ll be back and when I am I’ll be at your fucking throat like chloraseptic,” he raps.

Listen below…


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