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My longtime peer Elliott Wilson has a new webseries on the Jay-Z x Life and Times youtube channel called “The Truth” where he addresses some hot topics in hip hop. This one is like a more polite video version of his “You Played Yourself” columns.

In the inaugural ep, he contends that a trio of veteran MCs who have released songs with zeitgeist rap lingo which sounds more tired than trendy. The three songs are LL Cool J’s “Rachet,Eve’s “She Bad Bad,” and Fat Joe featuring Juicy J and Rick Ross “Instagram That Ho.” All of the choices repping this need to keep in step with the trending topics of the day (well, maybe not Eve’ song…but El calls out the faux-Rihanna production by Jukebox). Personally, the fad lingo of the songs doesn’t bother me so much. LL’s been doing topical slang raps his entire career…Sometimes they’re great documents of what was hot at the time like “Boomin’ System.” Sometimes, with “Headspring,” or “Fatty Girl,”not so much. Meanwhile Fat Joe’s “Instagram that Ho” is just borderline absurd. It’s gotta be purposefully humorous, right? Please? In some ways, songs like this mark the saturation point of a word or trend. The peak, to be followed by the decline. Kind of like….”Swagger Like Us.

I can’t really cosign any of these three songs. Eve is the least offensive….Fat Joe, is a minor misstep, Instagram is big but no filters can clean up that one. LL Cool J’s is the most offensive, “Rachet” is the most wretched.” -Elliott.

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Elliott Wilson “The Truth”

I also really like this other clip called “Road To Brooklyn: Down By The Yards,” which collected thoughts about the controversial Barclay Center and Atlantic Yards development project from Brooklyn locals, including the always colorful Marty Markowitz, our pal Combat Jack, and family DJ Clack Kent. Directed by Danny Lee, CALICOWORKS.

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