(Big Bird’s revenge vote in Texas. LOL! Via Godfree)

Did you vote yet? Wait…don’t even tell me if you didn’t. My blood pressure is already on “pressure busts pipes” level today…and it’ll keep ramping up as I go to a beer garden tonight with some friends to watch the returns, until it’s all over. For better or for worse.

My voting experience was totally painless, for some reason, there was no line for my district at my local polling place. Which I felt a little sheepish about because there were other folks standing 2 hour lines…at the same polling place! Ionno why. But I was a bit concerned about the poll volunteer who looked through 10 pages of last names in the “R” section, but couldn’t find my name. Probably because my last name starts with the letter “O.” I didn’t want to be pushy but eventually, I had to tell him to go up a few pages. Did you meet up with any clueless poll workers?

Now if you’ve just gotten off work or school or your ass, and now you’re in line to vote….good for you!
Here’s a couple things to keep you entertained or infuriated….
-Rush Limbaugh was so pissed off that Jay-Z performed at President Obama’s Ohio rally, that he spit a horrible 16 (video)
-Jon Stewart had a hilarious rant about the political pundits who “predict” the election outcome (video)
-Hot97’s own DJ Mister Cee aired a special “Election Day Mix” (audio)
-Romney supporters in the media really manage to say the most offensive things (quote)
And more…

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-Listen to Mister Cee’s special “Election Day Mix” from today’s Throwback at Noon hour, on Hot97:

-Rush Limbaugh was highly outraged that President Obama’s rally in Ohio on Monday featured Jay-Z, a rapper who Rush says “his most often used words in his lyrics is ‘hoes’ and ‘bitches.'” Outraged! So outraged that he had to perform a little hovi-baby karoake….wanna hear? Here is go:

Now aside from having a remedial flow…Rushy Rush is also a raging hypocrite. Complex’s Foster Kamer reminds us that Limbaugh has been more offensive to the female gender than a hundred thousand Obama supporters mouthing along to Too Short’s greatest hits. And I’m not just talking about his appearance ; )

(amazing Obama gif, via Buzzfeed)

-Meanwhile, I live for the Daily Show and Colbert Report coverage of the campaign and election. On Monday night, Stephen Colbert looks at the hilarious business of the Obama Vs. Romney election predictions.

-If you didn’t already see this: Chris Rock shared a message on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, for anyone who wonders if Barack Obama is “white” enough to be President (again). LOL.

-I also loved this deadpan video plea from Joss Whedon (writer/director, The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc)…If Mitt Romney wins the presidency, prepare for a zombie apocalypse!

-One last thing, if clips from Fox News and other right-wing gasbags don’t make you mad, just check out how the right-wing, pro-Romney outlet “Talking Points Memo” reacted to the Politico report that Obama is getting votes from Hispanic, African-American, and women…aka “second rate” voters:

“…Obama’s winning but not with the best votes. I mean really, if you can’t win with a broad cross-section of white people, can you really be said to represent the country?”

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