When I first read the TMZ headline “The Game–I’m Paying Voters to Vote” I positioned a ballpoint pen to poke my eye out, but upon closer inspection….phew! The Game did not do something wildly illegal like voter tampering, and he did not then brag about said federal crime to a gossip site. PHEW!

At least I don’t think what he did was illegal….The Game says he spent $10,000 by giving people in New York and New Jersey $20 each to use as cab money or gas money to help them get to the voting polls. Assuming that he did not compel them to vote for any specific person….(oh god, please tell me he did not tell them who to vote for)…I think this is all kosher.
Nervous. But kosher.

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Oh, and just in case you weren’t already a bundle of nerves…
There as a voting machine that hated Obama in Pennsylvania,
A man literally died and re-animated at the polls, and…
What if we don’t get a clear Presidential winner today?

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-Watch this video of a voting machine in PA that had a mind of it’s own….and that mind was pro-Romney. Yeesh. The machine was taken offline and reset. WE HOPE.

-There is a report that a Detroit man kind of died while filling out his ballot. But someone helped him, um…become re-alive:

“He was dead,” Houston said. “He had no heartbeat and he wasn’t breathing. I started CPR, and after a few minutes, he revived and started breathing again. He knew his name and his wife’s name.”
What happened next astounded Houston and the victim’s wife.
“The first question he asked was ‘Did I vote?'”

-And finally….The New Yorker has a piece on what happens if Ohio’s results are too close, provisional ballots are called in to seal the deal, and a recount is ordered. Here’s a short answer….weeks of pure agony.

“So what happens with the provisional ballots? According to Ohio law, the eighty-eight counties in the state are not even allowed to start counting the provisional ballots for ten days. In the meantime, those who cast provisional ballots are allowed to submit evidence that their votes should count—they can, for example, show forms of identification that they might not have brought with them to the polls on November 6th…
Pause to consider the chaos that would ensue. Both campaigns would try to track down the provisional voters, find their proper documentation, and shepherd them through the process at the county seat. Ballot-by-ballot warfare—for several hundred thousand votes. And that’s just the start…”