It’s been 17 years since NWA’s frontman, napoleanic gangsta rap mastermind, Compton icon Eazy-E died from AIDS. 17 years. But clearly, the impact that Eazy and the NWA circle of characters (Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Suge Knight, etc) have is still evident in everything from hip hop to fashion to movies and more.

Today, Hot97‘s DJ Mr. Cee follows up his incredible Notorious B.I.G. tribute mix from a few weeks ago, with another amazing throwback blend…this time, focusing on Eazy-E.

Mix: Mr. Cee’s Hot97 Throwback Tribute To Eazy-E

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Some fantastic vintage photos of Eazy….and a look at his son and daughter

My favorite is that photo of Eazy and Ruthless Records’ artist Tairrie B. A pioneer of white girl rap! And Everlast’s former boo. Pay homage, Iggy!

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