Hallelujah! We’ve had a bounty of quality rap today, and now this…the molten chocolate cake to send you off on your weekend of debauchery….
A new teaser for Season 3 of HBO’s comedy series, Eastbound and Down, starring the always inappropriate but white hot Kenny Powers! Last season was a bit of a mess, what with the Mexico plotline and that annoying short guy…but I have faith in KP! (Remember the Eastbound and Down bloopers? One of the greatest blooper reels of all time!)
Eastbound and Down, Season 3 kicks off on February 19, 2012.

(Ever noticed that socially-inept, awkward, blatantly rude white men are the king of situational comedy? Larry David, Louis CK, Kenny Powers…everyone on Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Painfully funny.)

Speaking of HBO…are you guys watching their latest comedy, Angry Boys?
Watch a clip, after the jump…

Angry Boys‘ creator and star Chris Lilley is a huge hit in Australia…and his previous show Summer Heights High was pretty funny…this time around, Lilley plays another set of characters, namely an African-American rapper (Yes, in blackface. With n-words.), a Japanese mom, a surfer, a granny, and a set of Australian twins. Quite ambitious, lol.

Things I Love: Kenny Powers. And lucky for me, he’ll be back on Sept 26th
The Epic ‘Eastbound and Down’ Season One Blooper Reel: Danny McBride, Will Ferrell, Craig Robinson and More!
Yay! The Complex Soundboard 2: “Wam, Wam, Wam, Wam”…”Shheeeeit”